"Am I missing something?" - Martina Navratilova calls out hypocritical gender activists

Wednesday, 21 September 2022 at 02:30
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WTA legend Martina Navratilova recently called out gender activists for displaying hypocritical tendencies.
The issue arose when Navratilova stumbled upon a tweet by a teacher who revealed an ironic incident where she was accused by a gender activist of allegedly having a manly nod.
“Yesterday, as I was listening to a gender activist shout at me, I was accused of 'nodding like a man' - like it was some kind of gotcha. So odd. How does a man nod? What was the point he was trying to make?” the individual said.
She further elaborated on the context and tried to make sense of his imputation.
“It followed from him saying gender is a social construct. I nodded and then he accused me a nodding 'like a man'. I think he was telling me I might be non-binary,” she guessed.
Navratilova was stunned by the incident. She expressed her thoughts and confusion about the sexist remarks.
“I nod a lot but have no idea how a man nods? Am I missing something?!? Nods have a sex? And a gender? Hmmm This just f**king nuts…” she said.
The former World No.1 further pointed to the hypocrisy showcased by the activists and mentioned their contradictory views.
“Same people- there are dozens and dozens of genders. Also- Sex is a Social construct. Also- you nod like a man,” she remarked.

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