Coco Gauff comes back to win against Masarova in Paris

Tuesday, 30 May 2023 at 15:29
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Coco Guaff played a really solid match to take down Rebeka Masarova after falling behind in the first set and then coming back to win in three sets 3-6 6-1 6-2.
This match was about as typical as you can get from Gauff. We saw the full experience as she first struggled with controlling the ball and keeping it in play to completely flipping it around in the next two sets. Masarova certainly helped but much of her rushing in rallies came from Gauff getting to every ball and making it very hard.

First set

The first set was an interesting one as Gauff had multiple chances to pull back the break once she lost her serve early. She had break points but every time she got close, Gauff just had some terrible error that completely cut her momentum. Masarova for the most part was playing really well and did what she needed to do to get it done 6-3.

Second set

The second set saw Gauff make a really good adjustment and that's not to force it too much. She used her quickness to track down the ball as well as she can and just keep it in play. Masarova had to up her aggressiveness to find solutions to that type of play by Gauff but most of those balls sailed wide. She had 15 unforced errors in the second set losing it 1-6.

Third set

The third set pretty much saw the same thing happen once again but it took one more game than the first set. The final score was 6-2 with Masarova posting 14 unforced errors in that one. In the end, Gauff posted a solid line of 15 winners and 23 unforced errors while Masarova had 19 errors more. Just not good enough.

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