"It is important to show your personality": Pegula hopes to win fan support with humour

Wednesday, 03 May 2023 at 13:30
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Jessica Pegula thinks it's very important that tennis players show personality as she hopes to win over fan support thanks to her humorous side on top of her tennis.
Pegula has a rather unique background being born to a billionaire father but she opted to create her own legacy in the sport she loves. Slowly but surely, Pegula worked her way to become one of the best tennis players in the world winning many fans with her tennis. She also hopes to attract even more with her humour:
"I've always had, I think, a good, kind of dry sense of humour. But it's fun, I think that people see those moments as just maybe myself. I didn't think I'd get as crazy of a reaction as I did. So, I think it was cool to see people kind of appreciate that even as athletes, we're still human, like everyday people in a way."
She added:
"I like to show that with my humour. I think it's important to show your personality because I think that's what attracts fans. I think it's also easier to just be yourself, in person and on social media."
She will contest the Madrid Open quarter-finalst later today. Pegula lost in the final last year.

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