"Not until the day they pay her what she is worth" - Serena Williams replies to husband's wish of seeing daughter play football

Alexis Ohanian wishes to his daughter play football when she grows up but Williams stepped up to send a powerful message.

Williams has been always outspoken about issues in society and one of her main talking points is the inequality of women in today's society, especially in sports. Like many others, Williams highlighted the pay gap in society many times, especially in sports where it's quite evident.

She sent another powerful message on the same topic in a talk that her husband, Alexis Ohanian revealed on ESPN:

"My daughter was running around during the finals (Women's Euro 2022). She's wearing her Alex Morgan jersey and I remarked to Serena, 'Wouldn't it be great one day if Olympia played on the Women's national team?'. Like any proud dad but without missing a beat Serena said, 'not until the day they pay her what she is worth"

He continued:

"To her credit, it was actually her doing. And that led to one thing after another to invest in this team. I set aside a small portion of money in a trust fund for Olympia, made her the youngest owner in pro sports because it to be fair it was a big part of what prompted it"

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