"Ungrateful bigot": Navratilova receives backlash after comment surrounding trans influencer being used in Nike ad

Tennis fans were left angered by recent comments made by Martina Navratilova on the Nike ad that featured a trans woman.

Navratilova has been a vocal advocate of not allowing trans women to compete with cis women arguing that being a male through puberty gives them a competitive advantage which is rooted in the biological differences between male and female bodies. She's now reacted to the Nike ad with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney by writing on Twitter:

"I guess Nike couldn’t find a female athlete to sell sports bras…"

Some fans were left angered by that comment considering that a trans woman used to coach Navratilova in the past. They were referring to Rnee Richards who coached Navratilova to two Wimbledon trophies in her career. We bring you some of the reactions below:

"A trans woman coached you to two Wimbledon titles you ungrateful bigot."

"PLENTY of female athletes are represented by Nike. Name one other trans person represented by any sports brand? Clothes are literally for everyone. This is being inclusive. Sit down and listen, you might learn something."

"You really are showing yourself to be a nasty piece of work."

"cancelling my Tennis Channel subscription bc in no longer care to hear this ghoul’s voice."

"How are people who have been discriminated against in the past have the audacityto say such shit? So she’ll call out Margaret Court but is a terf? All bloody hypocrites."

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