"That guy is a monster": Former tennis player Varlet in awe at Murray still playing after own experience with hip injury

Former player Julian Varlet had the same hip injury as Murray and he's amazed what the Brit has been able to do with a metal hip.

Playing with a metal hip might be something that most tennis fans have come to expect from Murray but it in no way diminishes the fact that it's utterly incredible. Most people struggle with daily things like walking and Murray is out there on the court sliding and running and winning 5-hour matches.

It's remarkable to former player Varlet who had the same injury and knows how tough it is:

"I tried but it was crazy rough and I didn’t have the team support that Murray gets. I wasn’t at his level either! I had one hour of autonomy on the court. I couldn’t keep up."

He continued:

"When I watched him in Australia playing for five hours… That guy is a monster! Each time I see him, I wonder how he does it. I’d love to spend just one day with him to see how he finds a way to play at this level. He’s pushing his body to limits that are sometimes scaring me but it’s his choice."

And more:

"In tennis, you have to move in every direction so that’s why I’m amazed by what he’s doing. He’s even moving better now than some time ago and got more power back on his footwork when having to change direction which proves that this surgery helped.

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