Fritz vocal on social media about controversial line call: "If this call is unprovoked, then that's disgusting"

Taylor Fritz reacted to a college-level line call which left him baffled as to how it was possible to happen considering that it was blatantly the wrong one.

Fritz is a college player and quite familiar with how things happen at that level. That's why he reacted to a strange sequence of events during a college match where no umpires were present A Radford University student was caught on camera calling a ball out even though it landed in the middle of the court.

Nobody protested the call as there was no umpire to intervene and the student got away with a deliberate false call. Fritz reacted to it on social media:

"I was an overly nice line caller in juniors but honestly when someone was cheating me really bad this is how I handled it, call a random ball out and they won't mess with you again. Is that what's happening here? Who knows... but if this call is unprovoked, then that's disgusting"

He added:

"It's gotta be a 'make it even call' has always been the best way to deal with cheaters. If someone purposefully hooks you badly first, then it's all fair game in my opinion. But when I get hooked, I will do this back to them and then go get the umpire."

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