"I love tennis" - Andy Murray vows to keep playing

Andy Murray won't give up on tennis yet as the Brit loves the game too much to quit at a time when he believes he's still competitive.

Murray had already taken a break from tennis when he initially started to battle his hip issues, but eventually, his passion for the game won out and he returned. Not only did he return, but he also climbed back into the top 100, making it all the way to an ATP Final this year. That's incredibly impressive and even more so when you consider he has a metal hip.

In a recent interview Murray confirmed that he made no retirement plans as he can't see himself walking away from the game he loves:

“There’s a lot of people that feel like maybe I shouldn’t be playing. But I love tennis, and I love competing, and I feel like I can get better than where I am today. If I reach that point where I don’t feel like I can improve or that things are maybe going backwards, then that would maybe change where I’m at.”

As Murray explained, he will only stop when he feels like he can't compete at the level he wants to anymore. It's a sensible position to take but also one that is not unique to Murray. Many great athletes have a hard time letting go.

For him it's only about the love for tennis:

"Tennis has given me an amazing life. It has also given me a purpose each day. There is a routine because you’re always trying to improve yourself and get better at something. I enjoy that process. I love this sport. That’s essentially why I am back and why I wanted to keep going: because I love the sport."

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