"I wish I hadn’t gone on court" admits Andy Murray as Wimbledon farewell concerns grow

Thursday, 20 June 2024 at 09:39
Andy Murray is in major doubt to play Wimbledon as his recent injury issues confound themselves and fears continue to grow that he will not get his final farewell at either SW19 or the Olympic Games.
Murray had to retire yesterday against Jordan Thompson in his 1000th tour level match with the Aussie ace 4-1 up and he said that while he has had back issues as of late, he can't feel anything in his right leg and couldn't move during the match against Thompson.
This in itself could be a sign of a trapped or pinched nerve in his leg or could be something more serious. Either way, he will now be a doubt to play in London in a few weeks time and it was something that he felt prior to facing Thompson. He also said he wished he wouldn't have played against the Aussie as he took in an emotional farewell on the courts of Queen's having only played five games.
“I have been struggling with my back for a while,” he told reporters. “Then, yeah, I had loss of power in my right leg. So loss of motor control, had no coordination. Yeah, couldn’t move.
“Yeah, my back’s been a problem for quite a while and it’s been sore in the build-up to the tournament. It was pretty sore in my match yesterday.
“Yeah, it was sore though today. But I was able to manage it. I wasn’t comfortable playing, but I was able to manage it. During my pre-match warmup, I was pretty uncomfortable, and then I walked up the stairs to go to, just before going on the court, I didn’t have, like, the usual just normal strength in my right leg. It was not a usual feeling.
Andy Murray's injury woes continue to grow as Brit was forced to retire against Jordan Thompson with no feeling in his right leg.
Andy Murray's injury woes continue to grow as Brit was forced to retire against Jordan Thompson with no feeling in his right leg.
“The first two balls I hit in the warmup, it was complete, like, so uncoordinated. I had no coordination. Then yeah, I wasn’t able to, yeah right leg just was not working properly. In hindsight I wish I hadn’t gone on there because it was pretty awkward for everyone.
“There is nothing I could do, and then there is part of you that wants to go out there and see if it gets better, you know, and maybe feel better with a bit of treatment or something, but that wasn’t the case.”
While he isn't sure on what his future holds in regards to Wimbledon. "I wouldn’t know. Like all tennis players, we have degenerative sort of joints and stuff in the back but it’s all predominantly been left-sided for me my whole career. I have never had too many issues with the right side.
“So maybe there is something that can be done between now and then, you know, to help the right side. I will get scans tomorrow and get it rechecked and see if there’s anything that can be done.”

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