Novak Djokovic gives explanation on why he brought his rackets to Ryder Cup golf event - "My confidence level with golf clubs is not that high"

World No.1 Novak Djokovic was spotted with tennis rackets in his Ryder Cup bag during a charity golfing event this week, and the Serbian finally revealed why he brought them along.

The 24-time Grand Slam champion joined several other renowned athletes for the All-Star Celebrity match at Marco Simone in Rome, Italy. And although Djokovic possesses exceptional skill on the tennis court, he admitted to being out of his league on the golf course.

The rackers were brought as a contingency plan, according to Djokovic

When asked if he brought the rackets along just in he had difficulty on the golf course, the Serbian replied in the affirmative.

"Exactly! My confidence level with the golf clubs is not that high," said the 36-year old. "So just in case things go in the wrong direction, I can always rely on the item that I'm most comfortable with, which is the racket.

"It's a pretty good surface and I'm going to hit the golf ball and hopefully it's going to go straight!"

Djokovic found himself paired up with another star, retired footballer Gareth Bale.

"It's such an honor, a golden opportunity for a once in a lifetime experience," said Djokovic after his first tee. "Thanks to all the fans for coming and putting a bit of extra pressure on us on the first tee. It's a unique experience."

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