Novak Djokovic references Nick Kyrgios and Andy Murray in name dropping post match interview at Wimbledon

Tuesday, 02 July 2024 at 19:13
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Novak Djokovic produced a brutal thrashing of Vit Kopriva 6-1, 6-2, 6-2 to reach the second round of 2024 Wimbledon weeks on from his meniscus tear and subsequent surgery.
Djokovic's return was miraculous as was his win and he hopes that Andy Murray who was in a similar boat albeit one that saw him have less time to prepare will get the send off he deserves. He hopes that he will return next year in order to play and get the final stand at Wimbledon.
But Murray himself has already said that it will be his final Wimbledon. He will play with brother Jamie Murray in the doubles later on this week. “I hope he’ll be able to finish his career on his terms. I heard he’s going to play doubles. Hopefully he’ll give it another shot next year in singles. I just send him my best… it’s worth acknowledging all these athletes that are struggling.”
He also referenced Nick Kyrgios who is there commentating in his post match interview. He spoke about big names getting injuries.
“I’ve been fortunate comparing myself to other 37 year olds. I had injuries like anybody else but they come and go. It’s part of what you do. You just have to accept it and embrace it. I think Nick Kyrgios is in the commentary box. He’s been struggling a lot with injuries.
"Talking about major injuries he’s had a few. I’ve been very fortunate to not be away from tennis for long. As an athlete I empathize with Nick and anyone who’s struggling. You almost feel helpless at times that something isn’t allowing you to come back to what you love most and you’re unable to do your profession for years.”

Novak Djokovic had kind words for Andy Murray after his withdrawal from Wimbledon: “Andy Murray withdrawing is a great blow to the tournament. Great respect to him. All he’s done in this tournament… In this sport.” *crowd erupts* “I hope he’ll be able to finish his career on…


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