Tennis a Multi-billion dollar industry? "I don't have anything in savings. I am just breaking even", says India's no. 1"

Sumit Nagal opens up about financial struggles on the ATP Tour despite being India's No. 1

The 26-year-old tennis player, currently ranked World No. 159, with his best historical ranking at World No. 122 in August 2020, has never managed to break into the top 100. Sumit Nagal recently highlighted the economic challenges that tennis players face when they are not in the higher ranks of the rankings.

According to the Indian tennis player, he can only make a living based on his performance in tournaments and has no savings. He also mentioned that he was affected by the COVID crisis and had a couple of years with poor performance:

"It was in mid-summer last year when I started feeling better. I lost a few matches I should have won, I lost matches from match points or when serving for a match and when I was a set and a breakup. I got COVID twice last year, so I had a long, long two years," Nagal said.

"I don't have anything in savings. I am just breaking even depending on how I do in the tournaments. I did not earn anything in the last two years so I am happy that I am breaking even. At least I am not in minus where I have to leave the academy and travel on my own."

“I feel like I am lacking support despite being India’s number one player for past few years. I am the only player to qualify for Grand Slams, only player to win a tennis match at the Olympics in last few years... We lack funding, we lack the system. If there is a system, there will be funding," he said.

On his Twitter page, Vasek Pospisil, Canadian tennis player and co-founder of the PTPA alongside Novak Djokovic, criticized the sport of tennis for not providing a comfortable living for all athletes, despite being one of the sports that generates the most money:

"Tennis. The multi-billion dollar industry where most player’s can’t make a living. 3rd most watched sport, 2nd most bet on," Vasek Pospisil wrote.

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