Tennis legend comes to Novak Djokovic's defense regarding the Serbian being labeled as insincere

Wednesday, 15 May 2024 at 05:30
Although Novak Djokovic is beloved by thousands of fans worldwide, there are many who harshly criticize the World No.1. Tennis legend Paul McNamee believes these fans do so because they doubt the Serbian's sincerity, a label which McNamee claims is incorrect.
Djokovic suffered a shock defeat to Alejandro Tabilo in the third round of the Italian Open on Sunday, as the Chilean produced some inspired tennis to record a 6-2 6-3 victory. This loss continues Djokovic's underwhelming 2024 season to date, as the 24-time Grand Slam champion holds a 12-5 record this year and is yet to reach a final. His best results are semi-final appearances at the Australian Open and in Monte Carlo.
Tennis broadcaster Marcus Buckland recently spoke about the adulation received by Djokovic in comparism to the other members of the Big Three, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Buckland believes Djokovic does not receive the admiration he deserves because he came up at a time when Federer and Nadal dominated the tennis world, making it challenging for the Serbian to be truly appreciated.
In response to Buckland's comments, former doubles World No.1 Paul McNamee weighed in on the situation and directed fans to look at how Djokovic is perceived by his peers.
“Djokovic is variously described as divisive and insincere. Of course, that’s from people who don’t know him,” wrote the Australian on Twitter. “If you want the reality, ask the locker room. That’s where he is the MAN… highly respected and popular. So perhaps check with his peers?"

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