"That’s what I remember but we should ask her": Berrettini responds to Tomljanovic argument, believes it was in jest during Break Point Reunion

Wednesday, 17 May 2023 at 04:38
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Matteo Berretini was part of the tennis roundtable which featured all the players that took part in the Break Point Netflix Show and he talked about his experience there.
Berrettini was part of the TV show and he took part in this reunion as well admitting that he was a bit worried about what will be shown. The players weren't aware of what would be shown until the show was released and there was some worry for Matteo. There was a lot of curiosity as well:
"I have to be honest I was a little bit worried about, not just worried, curious also about what they’re going to show. What it’s going to be like. I actually like the episode a lot. There were so many fun moments, nice memories. I was laughing a lot."
He also talked about an argument with then-girlfriend Ajla Tomljanovic showed in the episode:
"I actually don’t remember whether it was the match day or the day that I played and I had to rest. The vibe was really fun. We weren’t arguing about that. That’s what I remember but we should ask her."

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