Tsitsipas' fitness coach steps down, questions player's dedication

Monday, 17 June 2024 at 20:33
Greek fitness coach Christos Fiotakis revealed that he parted ways with Stefanos Tsitsipas because he was not satisfied with his compatriot's commitment and work ethic. The world No. 11 has yet to make the leap to join the Tour's top players.
The Greek had a strong start to the clay swing, winning his third title at the Monte-Carlo Masters and reaching the final of the Barcelona Open. However, he faltered in the quarterfinals of the Rome Open and French Open, definitively dropping out of the top 10.

Tsitsipas faces coaching shake-up

As Tsitsipas prepares for the grass swing, there are changes in his team following the separation from fitness coach Christos Fiotakis. They began their partnership in 2019, but only earlier this year decided to work together full-time. However, Fiotakis was not satisfied with the former world No. 3's performance and ended their collaboration.
“I am closing this chapter, after previously stating that I would strive to achieve maximum results up until Roland Garros. Unfortunately, the results and goals I set as a coach were not achieved,” said the fitness coach.
“Nevertheless, we succeeded in getting Stefanos back on track, returning to being a healthy athlete and competing at a high level after his injury. However, there are certain things beyond my control,” Fiotakis added. “The team atmosphere did not align with my energy, and unfortunately, we have other priorities. Nevertheless, I wish him the best, and hope that he remains healthy.”
Stefanos Tsitsipas at 2024 Monte-Carlo Masters.
Stefanos Tsitsipas at 2024 Monte-Carlo Masters.
“I appreciate the experience I gained with the team; I believe I contributed a lot, but I also learned greatly during the intense seven months on tour with such a high-level athlete. I hope that at some point, he will understand that my guidance was correct and that he will ascend to the top of the podium.”
“I was eagerly anticipating the Olympics in Paris, as I believed it would be the moment for us to secure the gold medal, which eluded us in Tokyo due to unfortunate circumstances.”
“As I mentioned earlier, we have different priorities, and I am dissatisfied with Stefanos' work ethics at present. I do not believe his primary focus is currently on playing tennis, reaching the top of the rankings, or winning Grand Slams.”
“Therefore, I cannot commit to traveling continuously for seven months, with only 25 days spent at home, especially when the objectives are not ambitious, and I am traveling merely for the sake of travel,” Fiotakis continued. “I have sufficient work at home, and I prefer to allocate my energy to various individuals in my daily life, assisting them in achieving their goals without undue stress.”

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