VIDEO: Moutet and Andreev get physical in ugly incident at Orleans Challenger

Friday, 30 September 2022 at 10:30
Ugly scenes happened after the match between Moutet and Andreev in Orleans after the players nearly traded blows.
Moutet was the top seed at the event and he certainly did not expect to suffer a shock loss to the Bulgarian but it happened in three sets. The customary handshake at the net did not go down well as Andreev shook the Bulgarian shook the hand of Moutet with a bit more force than the Frenchman liked.
Moutet responded with a shoulder push and pushed him which prompted Andreev to push him back. The tussle continue for a few more moments until the umpire intervened and separated them. They exchanged a few more words but luckily things did not escalate any further.
“I wish to make no apologies for what happened late in the game,” Moutet wrote on Instagram.
“When a player says ‘f*** you’, twice while looking at me in the eye, I can’t help but make him understand in my own way that is not done.
“You (the crowd) applauded the player at the end of the match,” Moutet continued.
“Maybe, for you these are acceptable things. For me, no. In any case, he threatened me and asked me to wait at the exit of the court which I obviously did.
“I had trouble finding him for 10 minutes. Indeed, he was hidden on the other side by 6 security people.
“I heard your threats so when you get out of the room where they hid you, I’ll be happy to see you carry them out. So, I’m waiting impatiently, we can talk calmly.”

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