(VIDEO) Pouille fumes as Norrie caught in double bounce controversy at Roland Garros: "It touched the floor"

Wednesday, 31 May 2023 at 23:22
Cameron Norrie was heavily booed by the crowd throughout his tie against Lucas Pouille, a home hero at Roland Garros especially after his storied battles with alcoholism and depression as he found his way back into the main draw.
He went out to the Brit but not without controversy. Norrie was leading 6-1, 6-3, 2-1 and was embroiled in a double bounce fiasco as it appeared to bounce twice and Pouille gave up the point in a sign that he thought it was in.
They vented their frustration towards the umpire as he went over: "It touched the floor!".

'A real misjudgement' as Eurosport commentators side with Pouille

Eurosport commentators Paul Hand and Yasmin Clarke seemed to agree with Pouille with replays showing that he was correct in his thought process.
"Oh wow, that’s a real misjudgement there from the umpire," Clarke said. "That was clearly a double bounce. Lucas Pouille stopped.
"Understandably, there’s a sense of aggrievement from the French," Hand said. "But to be fair to Norrie, when you’re sprinting flat out, it’s difficult to see. He would have just lunged at that and assume perhaps that he made it.
"The umpire didn’t see the double bounce, that’s for sure. We had the luxury of the slow-mo replay."

Up to the umpire according to Norrie

Norrie was asked about this post match and said there was doubt initially on his side but it's up to the umpire.
"I saw the ball in the end. It was spinning back, so I was, like, maybe there's a chance I got it.
"Then I just watched it now just before coming here, and I think it looks like it did bounce twice. But yeah, for me there was a bit of doubt there.
"I think it's up to the umpire to call that, and she was right there in front of that and it was right there in front of her and close to her.
"When I was going ahead, I didn't know, so I continued the point. But I think it's on her to make those decisions.
"The other day I had one against me, and then looks like today I had one for me. It's a bit disappointing how it goes like that, but it is what it is. I just continue playing."

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