"You can spin compliments into anger. It's absurd," Andy Roddick responded to fan after giving his stance on Djokovic's injury

Tuesday, 25 June 2024 at 01:00
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Andy Roddick found himself in a spat with a fan on social media after his comments about Novak Djokovic and his recovery from surgery amid a push to return to Wimbledon. The American commented that Djokovic is 'better tan us' and had to clarify what he meant after a fan twisted his words.
The former world No.1 recently spoke on Tennis Channel and commented on Djokovic's training video circulating on Instagram. Roddick commented that Djokovic is openly addressing his recovery rather than having the typical private handling of an injury.
One fan did not take kindly to the American's remarks and criticised him on social media: "Roddick: “I was in the tour once upon a time, but I was not doing this. He is not like us. He is a little bit different. This is incredible and I can’t believe it." What does it mean "like us"? @andyroddick's never seen another player update his fans on his recovery. Seriously?" the fan wrote.
"It’s a Kendrick Lamar lyric. He’s not like us means that he’s way better than us…. Was a play on words. My god. There’s no winning a you all. You can spin compliments into anger. It’s absurd," Roddick responded.
“I’m not offended by truths. He’s the greatest. Was amongst the first to say it. You’re angry and insulting for the sake of being angry and insulting,” he added.
A couple of fans joined the dispute and also received a response from Roddick: "So @andyroddick says I have no knowledge or credibility of the sport. Ok then why does Andy constantly type about political stuff when he clearly has no knowledge about it? Why did he push a brand new untested vaccine when he had no knowledge about it? Answer me those Andy?" some fan wrote.
"Sometimes, fans know better than the sports athletes inc. tennis. I saw so many stupid tennis players in my life, they can hit balls only, no more. I agree with Pavvy," another user added.
“Totally. Tweeting definitely the same as the real life experience of playing him, seeing greatness first hand, understanding pressures and patterns. This Twitter dude is a clown. Zero people who know tennis respect him. Zero knowledge. Just bloviating nonsense. Will always cover Novak w utmost respect he deserves. This guy and his followers do a disservice to him,” Andy Roddick responded.

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