"You don't do anything, you live off them": Morgan Riddle gives main misconceptions behind Taylor Fritz 'WAG' lifestyle

Monday, 12 February 2024 at 00:00
Morgan Riddle, Taylor Fritz's girlfriend, spoke about her growing fame in the tennis world and revealed what the former Indian Wells champion thinks about her social media activity. The 26-year-old influencer began gaining followers after starting her relationship with Fritz and showcasing behind-the-scenes moments on the ATP Tour.
Riddle was a surprise presence in the Netflix series Break Point, featuring Fritz as one of its protagonists, which significantly boosted her profile, attracting more than 240 thousand followers on Instagram.
Over time, Riddle gained more prominence, even though she wasn't initially a tennis fan. Now, her newfound connection to the sport allows her to travel alongside her boyfriend. She mentioned that the increasing attention she has received over time doesn't bother Fritz: “There are some men that would not like the attention that I get, especially since it’s involving his sport,” she told Elite Daily.
“Tennis is his thing — it’s something he’s worked for his whole life. So, when I first started, I was always checking, “Are you cool with this?” He was so supportive. He doesn’t mind at all.”
Riddle also shared her thoughts on the positive and negative aspects of the tennis world: “The best thing is getting to travel and see the world. Tokyo is probably both my and my boyfriend’s favourite place to go to. We like the food there, and the people are so nice,” she said. “The worst thing is trying to stay sane with all of the travel, jet lag, and exhaustion,” Morgan Riddle added.
“Also, A lot of people have this idea that if you’re a WAG, you just follow your partner around. You don’t do anything, you live off of them, you don’t make your own money, you don’t have your own life. I’ve gotten bullied about it.”
“A lot of people think that you just coast, but it’s a full-time job — at least in tennis. Taylor has his own personal team that only works with him. As his partner, you are a part of that team. I was literally texting his coach this Morning,” she concluded.

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