Ashleigh Barty spoke about her triumph in Adelaide as well as the upcoming Australian Open where her goals are set high in front of the home crowd.

The Aussie began her 2020 Season in Brisbane where she did not succeed, however, in Adelaide she managed to lift the trophy after a very good performance. After defeating Dayana Yastremska in the final in Adelaide, what is the last tournament before the Australian Open, Barty praised her only 19-years-old opponent.

“At the start of the match she was a little bit erratic and gave me a few cheap errors in twos and threes in a row. I knew that wasn’t going to stay that way throughout the whole match. She’s too good of a player… to not make a change to some degree. The second set was a bit of a tussle, and I was kind of waiting for an opportunity.”

Barty also spoke about the way she approaches the first Grand Slam of the year. As it is played in her home country, the Australian Open is really important for the world number 1. In the first round in Melbourne, Barty will take on Tsurenko.

“I take the experiences and learnings from last year, but you have to start fresh. Everyone is starting with a clean slate this year. It’s about trying to bring out the best in yourself and problem-solve in those situations when you need to. I felt like I did that very well this week.”

“It’s been a great two weeks of preparation… [but] I have to start with my clean slate for the Australian Open. I’m looking forward to that first round. I think I enjoy the challenge and I enjoy what next week will bring, regardless of what number is next to my name. You only get to play so many Australian Opens, so I think for me it’s about enjoying the competition and the challenge and focusing on what I can do,” Barty continued. “I think there is not really much else I have to worry about in that regard. If it’s a first-round, if it’s a final, if it’s anything in between, it’s still an amazing experience. I think I just have to go out there and enjoy it.



Author: Erik Virostko