Ahead of 2020 Australian Open where Roger Federer will be one of the main favorites to win the title, the Swiss spoke about his energy as well as love for tennis.

Federer does not play as many matches as he used to anymore. For example, in 2012, Roger played a total of 83 matches and 85 matches in 2014. Last year, Federer played only 67 matches and he spoke about his level of energy ahead of the Australian Open but also his excitement to play again and again.

“I don’t have the same energy like I did at 15 or 25. It is different nowadays. I just got to pace myself a bit more. I think it’s important that you are excited in what you do. Like in school, if you have a subject and you don’t love it so much, then you lie on the table. But if there’s a subject, your favourite one, you’re more excited. Tennis is that subject for me, I love it.”

Roger also spoke about his 1st round opponent in Melbourne. Steve Johnson recently played two tournaments in Australia. In Canberra, he reached the quarterfinals but in Bendigo, he was able to win the title.

“It’s a tricky situation right now playing somebody who has just played a lot this week. He’s match-ready and I’m not. I got to really make sure I get out of the gates quick. Practice has been going well. I hope it’s enough. I know it’s a super long road to victory. My expectations are quite low. I’m excited to play Steve. He’s a good guy. I think with his old-school playing – big forehand, slice backhand, good serve – I think it’s going to be a nice match for me, as well.”


Author: Erik Virostko