Pickleball players in turf war with tennis players over court space

Friday, 28 April 2023 at 03:30
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With Pickleball experiencing a rapid rise in popularity over the last two years, it comes as no surprise that fans of the sport have clashed over location with tennis players, who have been forced to share their amenities with the increasing number of pickleballers.
Both sports are often played on a traditional tennis court, with Pickleball requiring less space. However, tennis players are not too keen to share their courts, which has led to friction between both parties.
In Needham, Massachusetts, some pickleballers have accused tennis players of vandalism, as several nets have been found damaged or discarded.
"We were more than happy to cohabitate with tennis players and share facilities as needed, and someone had this anger inside of them to pick on we," said pickleball aficionado Lisa Rhoades in an interview with a Boston television station.
The dislike for pickleball has even reached the courtroom, as residents in Falmouth, Massachusetts have filed a public nuisance lawsuit over harmful and obnoxious noise levels related to pickleball. Furthermore, pickleballers in New York City have been accused of taking up valuable space on the playground in typically reserved for children.

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