Mouratoglou: "Average tennis fan is getting older, because nothing changes"

One of the best tennis coaches in the world, Patrick Mouratoglou opened about what he sees as the problem in tennis in the recent video.

The 50-years-old Frenchman coached already a lot of big names. He worked with Grigor Dimitrov and currently trains Serena Williams, Stefanos Tsitsipas and Coco Gauff. Mouratoglou also has his own tennis academy in France and is the founder of the Ultimate Tennis Showdown (UTS). In the recent video that was posted on the official Instagram account of the UTS, he said:

"Nowadays, the average fan of tennis is getting older and older. 10 years ago, the average age of the tennis fan was 51-years-old. Today, it's 61 and in 10 years, it's going to be 71. Because nothing changes," Mouratoglou admitted. "This just shows that the fans of tennis fell in love with tennis in the 70s and the 80s. Tennis is not able to renew its fan base. That's extremely scary for the future."

"In order to solve it, we need to reinvent tennis. If we keep doing the same thing, obviously, it doesn't work to be attractive to the younger generation. The world has evolved in the last 10, 20 years. The way people consume videos, for example, has completely changed. Tennis has never changed. But if tennis is in trouble, I want tennis to survive. I want tennis to be stronger," said Patrick Mouratoglou.

"I want tennis to be able to renew its fan base and grow and become the biggest sport possible. If we need to do some changes for that, I'm completely okay to do some changes. The traditionalists, the people who don't want any change in the name of a tradition for tennis are saying they do that because they love tennis," Mouratoglou said. "But I don't think that's a good definition of love. The best way to love tennis is to do everything for tennis to be stronger."

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