Ultimate Tennis Showdown (UTS)

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The Ultimate Tennis Showdown (UTS), a tournament organized by Patrick Mouratoglou, will start on 13th June 2020 and we know everything about the competition and it will be played in Mouratoglou Tennis Academy in France. The fans should see high-quality tennis until 12th July 2020.

Ultimate Tennis Showdown 2 Draw
Ultimate Tennis Showdown 2 Results & Standings

Previously, the Ultimate Tennis Showdown was supposed to start on 16th May 2020. In order to obtain all necessary authorizations, the start was moved to 13th June 2020 when the competition will start.

The Ultimate Tennis Showdown (UTS) is a new competition with special match rules. You can read everything you need to know about rules here.

You can follow the whole competition on TennisUpToDate Live Scores which you can find on this link. Find out about all of the players participating here.

You can read more about the tournament below the headliners.

Ultimate Tennis Showdown 2 (UTS 2) – All Results & Standings

After a great success of the first edition, Ultimate Tennis Showdown 2 (UTS 2) brings another set

Erik Virostko Monday 3 August 2020

Zverev & Pavlyuchenkova champions of Ultimate Tennis Showdown 2 (UTS 2)

Alexander Zverev and Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova became champions of the Ultimate Tennis Showdown 2

Erik Virostko Sunday 2 August 2020

Zverev defeats Moutet to reach final at Ultimate Tennis Showdown 2 (UTS 2)

Alexander Zverev defeated Corentin Moutet to advance to the final of the Ultimate Tennis Showdown

Erik Virostko Sunday 2 August 2020

Ultimate Tennis Showdown 2 (UTS 2) Schedule of Play

After 5 weeks of action, Ultimate Tennis Showdown continues with the second edition, UTS 2 and we

Erik Virostko Sunday 2 August 2020

Verdasco still playing with injury at Ultimate Tennis Showdown: ‘I play and I see how my body reacts to the pain’

Fernando Verdasco goes into the final group action today in the second Ultimate Tennis Showdown but

Samuel Gill Saturday 1 August 2020

Kicking off on 14th June 2020, the competition is played throughout 5 weekends as you can take a closer look on all of the results and rankings below!

Ultimate Tennis Showdown 2 Results & Standings
Ultimate Tennis Showdown 2 Draw

Day 1 Results & Rankings
Day 2 Results & Rankings
Day 3 Results & Rankings
Day 4 Results & Rankings
Day 5 Results & Rankings
Day 6 Results & Rankings
Day 7 Results & Rankings
Day 8 Results & Rankings
Day 9 Schedule of Play

Competition format:

First, each player will meet other 9 competitors in the round-robin stage. After all of the players complete their 9 group stage matches, the best 6 will advance to the knockout stage. The first 2 go straight to the semifinals with the next 4 competing for the 2 other spots in quarterfinal playoffs.

The competition promises to bring a total of 50 matches with 5 matches every Saturday and Sunday for a total of 5 weeks. The quarterfinal, semifinal, and final matches will be all held on the last day of the event which should be 12th July.

The Ultimate Tennis Showdown also promises to bring a new yet unseen format of matches. Matches won’t be played as fans are used to from TV screens on the best of three or five to 6 games. In this competition, time will get involved into the play.

Matches will be played in 4 quarters of 10 minutes. Players will take turns on serve with every player serving twice. The player that will have the most points at the end of the quarter, wins the quarter. If the quarter ends with a tie, a deciding point is played.

No matter the score, players will play all 4 quarters to get the full score for the set average purposes. If the score after 4 quarters is 2-2, players will play the fifth ‘sudden death’ quarter.

The player who won more points during the 4 quarters will choose if he’ll serve or pick the side. During the sudden death, players will take turns on serve after 1 point, not 2 as during the first 4 quarters. The first player to win 2 points in a row will win the match.

Between 2 points, there will be a 15-second shot clock. Players know this already from the ATP Tour but now, they will have a bit less time. Players can also use 1 timeout per quarter. The 30-second timeout can be called by their coach.