Candi Gauff speaks on daughter Coco's early years and development

After taking the tennis world by storm a few years ago, Coco Gauff has risen up the ranks and much of this has to do with her training and upbringing, according to her mother Candi Gauff.

Coco is currently the youngest player in the WTA top 100, having reached a career-high of World No.15. Although much of it has to do with the 18-year old's hard work, her parents always played a role in ensuring she fulfilled her potential.

"In the beginning, I would watch her practice, take notes, and just listen to what some of the coaches were saying," said Candi. "And then I relayed the information to Corey (Coco's father). But as Coco became a teenager, she didn’t want to listen to my advice as a coach.”

The senior Gauff refused to let this deter her, as she slowly transitioned from the role of coach to mother in order to maximize her daughter's development.

"I backed away and let only my husband give that kind of advice. I became mainly the mom," added Candi. "To raise her and making sure that she is doing her school work, developing friendship and having a social life. And just answering some things that a young lady would want to know.”

Both Corey and Candi Gauff have sports backgrounds. Corey is a former basketball player at Georgia State University and Candi Gauff used to be a track and field athlete at Florida State university.

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