"I think delusional is great" - Coco Gauff's mindset on becoming an entrepreneur

Wednesday, 10 July 2024 at 04:30
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World No.2 Coco Gauff is expanding her empire beyond the tennis court, and the tennis superstar has some advice for young entrepreneurs; don't be afraid to be delusional.
Prior to the commencement of Wimbledon, the American prodigy took some time to give her thoughts on entrepreneurship and expanding her business empire. Although Gauff fell in the fourth round to compatriot Emma Navarro, the 20-year old still has other business to handle as she prepares for the upcoming summer Olympic Games in Paris.

Gauff's portfolio expands beyond tennis

The reigning US Open champion netted approximately $22 million dollars in 2023, ranking her third among the highest-paid female athletes. Gauff has numerous endorsements and partnerships, including her latest collaboration with shipping giants UPS. Entitled, Coco vs. The Doubters, the promotion spotlights Generation Z entrepreneurs who overcome the difficult odds of operating a profitable business.
In an interview with Forbes magazine, Gauff was asked if she had any advice for people who were seeking to go into business for themselves.
“I think delusional is great,” Gauff responded. “All of the greatest athletes and greatest artists have to have a little bit of craziness and delusion. Having a little bit of craziness in your goal is kind of healthy.
"I realized a lot of (negative) things that are told to small business owners are also told to athletes."
Of her earnings, Gauff made an estimated $15 million off the court in 2023. She has deals with companies including, New Balance, Bose, Carol's Daughter and Naked smoothies.

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