"I'm not that crazy" - Bouchard compares her routines to Nadal's

Eugenie Bouchard talked about her routines as a tennis player touching upon Nadal's and jokingly referring to them as crazy.

Tennis players have all sorts of routines and superstitions because some of the things they do are daily stuff and it's simply easy to shift back into that mindset if you have a certain way of doing things. Bouchard is certainly no different as she talked about some of her routines in a recent podcast she did.

Speaking about her routines, Bouchard mentioned Nadal and jokingly referred to his water bottles routine as 'crazy':

"There are so many, like little weird quirks. I mean you've seen Rafa mess with his water bottles on the court, I'm not that crazy. He definitely has his whole weird routine."

Nadal is very famous for his routines and he has many with water bottles a special one. He's fully aware of people's curiosity about it and he addressed it in his autobiography. Nadal wrote:

"I put the two bottles down at my feet, in front of my chair to my left, one neatly behind the other, diagonally aimed at the court. Some call it superstition, but it’s not. If it were superstition, why would I keep doing the same thing over and over whether I win or lose? It’s a way of placing myself in a match, ordering my surroundings to match the order I seek in my head."

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