"It's not really that difficult": Coco Gauff opens about feelings while playing friends on tour

Saturday, 01 June 2024 at 12:10
America’s tennis star Coco Gauff has spoken about playing against friends on the tour. The 20-year-old is already regarded as one of the most highly-rated players in the women’s singles category.
Gauff has recently talked about how it is to play against friends on the tour and stated that for her it is not that ‘difficult’ "I think for me it's not really that difficult. So many times with Jess we've played and had to play doubles right after and we don't take any feelings on the court. I mean, yeah it s*cks to lose but you're not mad at, you're never even when I am playing a friend or even somebody I probably don't like as much I'm never mad at them after I lose a match it's more 'So what you can do better,'”.
"So I think most of the girls I would say 99% of the girls on tour are very easy mind, when it comes to playing. Even like Dayana, who I wouldn't necessarily say we're like super close friends but we talk sometimes and I played her after Madrid and I saw her niece. She was like 'Do you want to go dinner or go shopping together’. I think all the girls are in that mindset of just going hard at it on the court and then being fine off the court, which I think that's what you have to do in this life because these are your friends or co-workers for the next 10-15 years so you better get along or it's going to be miserable."

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