"Maybe Serena Williams will start another positive trend" - Pam Shriver wants on court interviews for losing players

Friday, 12 August 2022 at 08:00
Serena Williams Australian open 2021
Serena Williams was interviewed following her loss to Belinda Bencic in Toronto and Pam Shriver thinks it's a good thing.
By rule, losing players don't give interviews on the court but rather the post-match press conference if the attend it. That rule was waved for Serena Williams in Toronto because she's a legendary tennis player that will never play at the venue or the city again.
Williams will retire in a couple of weeks and that's why she gave a brief speech to the crowd. Pam Shriver thinks it's a great thing and she wants it to be implemented in the future:
"For years efforts to hear from the player who comes in second has been a challenge. It’s usually been no by tennis establishment. @serenawilliams maybe will start another positive trend. Obviously tonight special circumstances, but still fans want to hear from both players."
Shriver voiced her opinion on Twitter and it's an interesting thought albeit not one that is likely going to become common practice. Most players are probably not in the mood to give interviews immediately after losses but who knows? Maybe we see it in the future.
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