Osaka looking forward to return to action in 2023: "Definitely looking forward to doing a lot of stuff but I am a tennis player"

Thursday, 08 December 2022 at 11:30
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Naomi Osaka is ready to play some tennis in 2023 as she hasn't played that much tennis lately and certainly not a high level.
This past season has been very interesting for Osaka as she was able to find joy in playing tennis again but there hasn't been much success. She's had a few good promising showings but overall never looked like the old Osaka.
The old Osaka might show up in 2023 as she explained that she wants to do a lot of things next year but tennis is a priority:
"I feel like I'm a very curious person. So, I'm grateful to have been given all these avenues to explore, so I am definitely looking forward to doing a lot of stuff but I am a tennis player, so if I don't play tennis for too long I get an itch."
Speaking on Good Morning America, Osaka further spoke about Play Academy, an endeavour that's very important to her:
"Play Academy is basically an organization where we give grants to schools and other organizations around the world so that little girls and boys can play, do activities and after-school programs."
Australia was always good for her so it will be interesting to see how Osaka does upon returning down under.

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