Svitolina hopes Ukraine do not have to boycott Olympic Games if Russia and Belarusian athles are allowed: "I hope we don't have to make this decision"

Saturday, 11 February 2023 at 23:00
Svitolina Elina RolandGarros2016
Elina Svitolina hopes that Ukraine doesn't boycott the Olympic Games if Russia and Belarus are permitted to participate as the debate continues.
The Olympics Games in 2024 are a huge deal and there is an ongoing debate about whether athletes from Russia and Belarus will be permitted to play. Ukraine started a discussion about banning them from the game which is an idea backed by over 30 countries including the US, United Kingdom among others.
Reports suggest that it doesn't seem likely to happen with some suggesting that other countries might opt to boycott the games in response which would be the worst scenario for the Olympic Committee. Svitolina hopes that Ukraine doesn't do that if Belarus and Russia are permitted to send their athletes:
"This is the right way because when the war is still here and people are still dying because of the Russian army, we can't go and lead normal lives like nothing is happening. In tennis, there was no action taken. They put them under a neutral flag. I hope we don't have to make this decision of boycotting the Olympics."

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