"That's a little disappointing for me" - Serena Williams admits her daughter Olympia does not like to play tennis

Saturday, 04 March 2023 at 10:32
Serena Williams AO 2021 2
Serena Williams expressed her disappointment at seeing her five-year-old daughter Olympia not have an interest in playing tennis, despite being "really good" at the sport.
Williams vowed to find a way to ensure that Olympia begins to thoroughly enjoy tennis as she does not want her daughter's talents to go to waste.
Young Olympia has been spotted playing tennis with her mother in the past, with her skills on the court reminding Venus Williams of her and Serena's mother, Oracene Price. Around the time of her retirement, Serena Williams also once suggested that Olympia did not like the fact that tennis took up most of the 23-time Grand Slam champion's time, giving them less time together.
Williams recently shed more light on her daughter's love-hate relationship with tennis and her lack of interest in the sport did not sit well with the American great.
"Olympia doesn't actually like to play tennis too much," Williams said on the CBS show 'Person to Person with Norah O'Donnell.' "That's a little disappointing for me, but she's actually really good at it. So we are trying to figure out a way to get her to play a little bit."
Throwing further light on what she plans to do to pique the five-year-old's interest in tennis, Williams said that Olympia would probably enjoy it more if she played in a group as she loves being social and spending time with friends.
"Olympia loves being social...She loves being around friends, she loves going to school," Williams continued. "Maybe I can push her into tennis by getting other kids to have a group lesson, I think that's what I'm gonna do...I really want her to play at least a little bit, because she's actually really good at it."

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