The Camila Giorgi saga continues from claims of unpaid rent and stealing a 500kg antique table

Sunday, 19 May 2024 at 14:21
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Just as the Camila Giorgi saga just about calms down, it grows new legs as the Italian has been accused of leaving a villa in Italy with six months of unpaid rent as well as a 500kg antique table.
Not only are the tax authorities seemingly looking for the former Italian tennis star, but also the owner of a villa in Calenzano where the tennis player lived until three months ago. According to reports from La Republica, they took Persian rugs, fine furniture and a 500kg antique table. There was supposed damage of 50-100 thousand euros as well as the items being of massively sentimental value.

Her father called items of 'little value'

She lived there with her family who was contacted as part of the story and the owner said that the items hold little value. "I wrote to him that they must at least give us back our things, he responded in a contemptuous way saying that they were objects of little value. A hateful behavior, for those like me who have suffered economic but also emotional damage. I can't know how much is true or how much Camila owes the State, but I know what he owes us. Those objects are part of my mother's life and mine: I want them back, at least this much, given that we have lost hope due to the thousands and thousands of euros in back rent," said the owner of the villa as per Corriere.
"When I arrived there was no one left and the house was half empty. In the garden, however, there were other pieces of furniture and carpets piled on top of each other. They had probably already filled the trucks and didn't know where to put them anymore."
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Camila Giorgi (pictured) retired from tennis in May, but has since had multiple reports of misdemeanours related to tax and now an antique table.

From being lauded to leaving tennis in a cloud of smoke

Giorgi suddenly retired earlier this month from tennis which saw a lot of tennis fans lauding her career as she just appeared on the ITIA retired list. But more details continue to emerge. Despite the Italian calling the stories inaccurate, she reportedly fled to the US to avoid gaps in her tax returns and answering questions from the Italian authorities. As well as that, she is due to answer a court case in July regarding her COVID vaccine and this being faked with the doctor on trial. She named Giorgi as part of this as a person she gave one too.
Now she is in the US and supposedly will return to answer the trial and won't be running as per her lawyers. But it seems that she will answer not only that, but an angry villa owner and the tax authorities. The WTA also attempted to contact her before her retirement.
But they were unable to do so with her phone disconnected. A real mystery and one that continues to grow new legs. Giorgi has retired from the sport but under a real cloud and one that doesn't seem to be going away. As much as she may try to avoid it.

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