"This part-time isn’t helping your mental health" - tennis fans slam Osaka after another withdrawal

Thursday, 22 September 2022 at 17:00
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Naomi Osaka withdrew earlier today from the WTA Tokyo event due to an 'illness' with tennis fans slamming the player on social media.
It's unclear what type of illness Osaka had when she elected to withdraw but tennis fans quickly jumped to the conclusion that it probably has something to do with her mental health. Her statement kind of hints at that being true as she said that her body 'won't let her compete'.
Osaka spoke many times this year about how she's feeling better with her mental health and finally enjoying tennis again but that did not translate to much success on the court. Now fans are thinking her issues are back and they voiced their displeasure about it:
"ATP just retire sis this part-time sh*t isn’t helping your mental health" wrote one fan.
Another added:
"Is this playing? what type of playing is this??"
Some further reactions include:
"Lately, something always seems to derail her."
"Holy slap to the face to the fans and whole tournament."
"The end of the season for Osaka. Sort of "season" in her terms..."

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