Video: Coco Gauff gets interrupted by her mom while trying on different outfits

American tennis sensation Coco Gauff recently took to TikTok to show off some cool outfits, only to be hilariously interrupted by her mother on multiple occasions.

The teenager wanted to introduce her fans to a new series of videos where she chose her fits based on her favorite shoes. The World No. 11 started off with a joke, saying that she did not want to call it a series yet since she had "commitment issues" and wasn't sure if she would have the time to make it into a proper series.

But before she could go any further, the French Open runner-up was interrupted by her mother, who popped up off screen to ask her something. Gauff, in good humor, chastised her, saying that she was "ruining" her video by interfering with the audio.

"You're ruining my video, mom," Gauff said to her mom. "You're not IN it, but I can hear you."

Upon her mother's departure, Gauff would resume trying different outfits, giving her opinion on each one. Funnily enough, her mother would interrupt her once again, leading to another light-hearted jibe from the embarrassed teenager.

"Mom, stop! I am trying to record!" said an exasperated Gauff.

The Atlanta native ended the video by saying that she has more "cool, super-sick" outfits to showcase to her fans, but wanted to start off with something more chill and relaxed.

Gauff is set to return to action at the Mubadala Silicon Valley Classic in San Jose in the first week of August, as she prepares to put on a good showing at this year's US Open.

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