Wozniacki on rivalry with 'GOAT' Serena Williams: "A lot of Grand Slams I could have won if she hadn't been in my way"

Monday, 12 December 2022 at 12:25
Caroline Wozniacki lamented having to play with Serena Williams because she jokingly explained that she would have many more grand slams if there was no Williams.
It's not a lie as Williams was utterly dominant when she played and many players missed out on a chance to win something having to go against Williams. Despite losing to Williams ten times in 11 matches and twice at grand slams, Wozniacki still praised Williams for being a wonderful person overall:
"Probably because she beat me way too many times. No, but really I think the fact that she's just a great person. She's not only in my opinion, the greatest tennis player of all time, the greatest that I have ever played against; she pushed me and all the other women to play better and step up, but also off the court, she's so thoughtful."
She further explained that by sharing that she could call her for anything:
"If I ever went through anything, she would be the first person to call and knock my door down to make sure that I was okay. I really appreciate that she has given back so much both on and off the court, and I think that's what makes her so special."
And jokingly added:
"You know, being at the same time as her playing was tough because there was a lot of tournaments that I feel I could have probably won or Grand Slams I could have won if she hadn't been in my way but at the same time, what an honor to be at the same time as her because I really got to play against again, for me, the best player to ever play this game."

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