Alcaraz battles past an erratic Basilashvili in Madrid

Wednesday, 04 May 2022 at 00:18
Alcaraz Miami 2
Carlos Alcaraz played well and he got to experience the full Basilashvili experience against the Georgian who was all over the place 6-3 7-5.
It was a very entertaining match that saw Alcaraz come back in both sets to win it. It was the full Basilashvili experience as the Georgian was stunning at times only to completely lose the compass a few minutes later. He opened well taking an early 3-1 lead early but after that, he completely faltered as only he can. Errors were being sprayed left and right as Alcaraz won the majority of points in the next few games.
He took a 5-3 lead and then added another break to finish out the set 6-3. He won five games in a row after the Georgian lost the compass. The 2nd set was another similar one although it was even more of a roller coaster. Basilashvili once again jumped out to an early lead and once again he threw it away a couple of games later.
He then took the lead again but once again he threw it away. He then threw away the match losing 6-3 7-5. He had 8 winners and 34 unforced errors and that was too much to overcome even when Alcaraz was not playing that well.

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