Alexander Zverev's domestic abuse trial to be held at least partially behind closed doors after privacy request

Monday, 03 June 2024 at 12:01
The Alexander Zverev case has engulfed the tennis world with his domestic abuse trial beginning on Friday and the testimony of his ex-girlfriend Brenda Patea at least will be held behind closed doors with minimal reporting from the courtroom.
It is not known yet whether the rest of the case will be held behind closed doors. But this can be requested by the lawyers on both sides and granted accordingly. Zverev's defence team made this decision due to privacy. It comes after he was accused of pushing and strangling his ex-partner when the case began on Friday.
As the World No.4 competes at the French Open, he is not attending in person and given that the trial will likely last until Wimbledon is unlikely to for the duration. He was fined 450,000 euros in October for attempting to strangle Brenda Patea, the mother also of his three-year-old daughter Mayla.
The court heard from the prosecutor which was called 'unfounded' by his defence team that he allegedly pushed Patea against a wall and strangled her with both hands. She had difficulty swallowing and breathing and suffered from throat pain afterwards. His lead defence lawyer called it both 'unfounded and contradictory'. He said that the court would hear from eyewitnesses and see chat messages which in turn would give an 'objective view of the events'.
The trial was quickly adjourned on Friday with Zverev's legal team lodging a request for the trial to be held behind closed doors. According to Jonathan Crane for DW, the judge Barbara Luders made the decision that the testimony of Zverev's ex partner at least will be held behind closed doors with the public and media unable to attend. This is for privacy reasons.
Whether the rest of the trial is held in public remains to be seen. But at the very least, the opening portion with Patea's testimony will not be for public consumption. He continues his campaign tonight at the 2024 French Open facing Holger Rune in the Night Session slot while the dark cloud continues to loom.

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