Alexander Zverev's Olympic Games in doubt with bone adema in his knee as brother Mischa says 40mm of fluid was extracted

Wednesday, 10 July 2024 at 10:24
Alexander Zverev's Olympic Games is in doubt with the knock-on effect of Wimbledon set as the bone idema and strain in his knee could be worse than first thought according to his brother Mischa Zverev.
According to Mischa, the German has visited a doctor and might be on the sidelines for an indefinite period if all goes wrong putting his hopes of defending his Olympic gold medal in doubt.
The fourth seed lost against Taylor Fritz at Wimbledon looking visibly hampered and throwing away a two-sets lead against the American. It was an injury that he sustained against Cameron Norrie and while it wasn't going to massively affect him in terms of reinjuring himself, he was also waiting for the likely prognosis which could spell difficulty for his post Wimbledon plans.
“I know what it is because I took an X-ray yesterday. I have bone edema in my knee and I also have a laceration of the knee capsule," said Alexander Zverev after he was defeated by Taylor Fritz.
"They were caused by the fall in the match against Norrie. It is nothing that needs surgery, it will heal on its own. But now it's pretty painful. Even though I couldn't even walk yesterday and couldn't train, I felt much better today. That's why I tried to play, I didn't want to retire.”
But while it heals without surgery, it still sees his next few weeks in doubt. "Sascha (Alexander Zverev) saw a doctor again. He took 40 milliliters of fluid from his knee. Unfortunately, there is now a suspicion of something worse. Tomorrow he'll see the doctor again at home in Monaco," Mischa Zverev revealed (via Amazon Prime). "More detailed pictures will then be taken. Maybe it's more than a bone bruise after all. If it's a fracture or a hairline fracture, we'll have to see. But then the Olympics are in danger."

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