Andrey Rublev's struggle with controlling emotions on court exacerbates again in meltdown

Saturday, 01 June 2024 at 19:47
Andrey Rublev's meltdowns continue to be a concern with the latest coming during his crushing defeat to Matteo Arnaldi at the 2024 French Open which saw the Italian reach the fourth round in superb fashion. Whilst the Russian in particular was left in tatters.
The sixth seed and recent Madrid Open champion was the highest seed to be defeated thus far at the 2024 French Open after a 7-6, 6-2, 6-4 loss in favour of Arnaldi. He reaches the second week of a Slam for just the second time in his career.
Rublev had license to be frustrated as he was broken five times across the contest. He hit 37 unforced errors compared to only 32 winners. Arnaldi hit 19 unforced errors, but was king of the winners with 38 in all. Rublev though repeatedly screamed on the court. He also smashed his racquet including into his own body as he struggled to contain his emotions.
Rublev was heavily booed as a result by the crowd. Support switched more towards Arnaldi and his frustrations were confounded. He has left himself with bleeding knees and scars before and has even been defaulted for screaming at a line judge in Dubai earlier this season. This saw Rublev heavily fined including his points which he since got back.
But it is perhaps part of a wider issue of him not being able to control his emotions. Someone who is quite mild mannered off the court not being able to get it right on the court in terms of his emotions and frustrations. This was another example as he fell out of the tournament and only had his frustration boiling over to show for it. Arnaldi though moves on and perhaps those who said that Rublev didn't have the potential to win the most open Roland Garros in years were right.

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