"At least Federer and Serena Williams retired with dignity": Rafael Nadal slammed for charging $150,000 for private sessions with Carlos Alcaraz

Sunday, 03 March 2024 at 20:40
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Both Carlos Alcaraz and Rafael Nadal will aim to recover from injury in time to play in the Netflix Slam streamed exclusively live on the streaming service on March 3. But also they will bank even more cash than they are being paid due to mind boggling prices for group and private sessions that have been confirmed.
Screenshots were released by Functional Tennis on Instagram showing that a private session with Nadal or Alcaraz costs $150,000 per person and for a group clinic, it is $50,000. This goes down in price for some of the lesser names. American Number One Taylor Fritz alongside Frances Tiafoe will charge $25,000 per person.
While former American kingpins in John Isner and Sam Querrey in comparison will charge a more affordable $2,000 per person. Bob Bryan and Mike Bryan were charging the same price but this has since sold out as have the private sessions with the big names.
Las Vegas is a city known for its riches and it seems like fans are desperate to have their time with the two Spanish kingpins. This received mixed reaction on social media. "I couldn't think of anything more embarrassing of showing Nadal my forehand for $150k," one user hilariously penned.
While others believed it was wrong for them to take the huge cash grabs knowing they are both very wealthy. "This is insane. Both of these players are billionaires but are charging $150k each for a coaching session? Wouldn't it be better to give free coaching sessions to kids or from low income or deprived families?" another wrote. "Important to give back and not always take. Poor taste from them imo."
Mainly the discourse about pricing was aimed at Nadal. "This is horrible. Shame on all those players exploiting fans to this extent. How low Rafa can go now from the Saudi deal to milking every possible deal until the end. At least Roger (Federer) and Serena (Williams) retired with dignity."

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