Becker believes Federer's legacy will remain untouched despite Djokovic heading towards GOAT status: "With Roger, everything is so perfect, almost too good to be true"

Monday, 30 January 2023 at 18:30
Boris Becker doesn't think Novak Djokovic adding to his legacy will impact that of the Swiss as the story of Federer is 'perfect' almost too good to be true.
The former player is probably right because no player was ever as popular as Federer and it's hard to imagine that any player ever will be as popular as the. His impact on the game is cemented as every major player basically cites him as an inspiration or idol. Djokovic's place in tennis history is cemented as well but in a different light.
He is comfortably marching to GOAT status and it's unlikely that Nadal or anybody else can stop him. Even so, his impact overall probably won't touch Federer according to Becker:
“Maybe the sports ambassador, not just tennis ambassador. The world hasn't seen anything like that yet. You can take footballers and basketball players and track and field athletes. This total package Roger Federer - and then he also grew up in neutral Switzerland. With Roger, everything is so perfect, almost too good to be true. That will never happen again in tennis and that is also why tennis has become such a global sport. Good luck to the guys who want to take over.”
On Djokovic, Becker said:
“Novak is 35 years old and he knows at 40 he won't manage this performance. I think it will be a hell of a ride after the Australian Open. It will be a completely different act and a completely different burden in Paris and Wimbledon. Success is his life's dream, he wants to become the most successful player in history. Even as a child he said: I'm going to be the best - and he was right. And now he is at the limit.”

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