Carlos Alcaraz's brutal new contract with Nike to include a Nadal or Federer-like logo

Friday, 14 June 2024 at 13:14
Carlos Alcaraz would have signed a new contract with Nike after winning Roland Garros that is expected to bring him an amount between 15 and 20 million dollars. The Spaniard had signed with the American brand until 2025 since in 2019 he left Lotto and now it seems that he is willing to sign probably until the end of his career as reported from Relevo, who let hint that the new contract of the 3-time Grand Slam winner could reach up to 10 years.
And not only that, since Carlitos' new contract with the American brand would have a substantial economic increase, since the brand would be working on creating a new exclusive logo like the ones they created for Rafa Nadal (the Bull) or the mythical RF of Roger Federer. It is not known what the future logo of El Palmar would be based on.
Negotiations between Nike and Alcaraz have been going on for the past year and the triumph in Paris seems to have given the definitive backing to an agreement that appears to be very close to becoming official.
Carlos Alcaraz's presence on the Nike team has become a key player for the brand, especially after Roger Federer's departure to Uniqlo and Rafael Nadal's imminent retirement. Alcaraz, with his dynamic and charismatic style of play, represents the new generation of tennis and offers Nike an opportunity to connect with a young and passionate audience for the sport. His meteoric rise and achievements in the world's most important tournaments provide visibility and prestige that the company seeks to maintain, thus ensuring its leadership in the global sports market.
In addition, the partnership with Alcaraz allows Nike to continue its legacy in tennis, a sport in which it has been a dominant force thanks to the aforementioned iconic figures. Alcaraz's youth and talent ensure that Nike will continue to be present in the tennis elite for many years to come, maintaining its relevance and attracting new fans. With Alcaraz as an ambassador, the brand not only ensures its continued influence in tennis, but also reinforces its commitment to the development of future champions, cementing its position as a leader in innovation and sports performance.

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