Connors believes Alcaraz should ignore criticism of schedule: "Why should he care about what anybody says?"

Sunday, 26 February 2023 at 17:30
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Jimmy Connors isn't a fan of people outside of tennis telling people inside of tennis what they should do when it comes to the sport.
Carlos Alcaraz recently returned from a 4-month absence due to injuries and he's been really active since then. A trophy in Buenos Aires with the Rio Open in the following week. He'll play in Acapulco next week too and some are worried about that much tennis soon after returning.
Connors touched upon it in his podcast and he didn't hold back:
"Why should he (Carlos Alcaraz) even give a sh*t about what anybody thinks or says? It's his career, his body, his confidence to come back and get back to where he was before the injuries. Why should he really care about what anybody thinks or says? It's all about what's good for him to get back to where he wants to be to play in these big events coming up."
Connors further added that people should really mind their own business because Alcaraz is fully capable of making choices that are best for him:
"My new line now is, everybody is worrying about what he does, if they worried so much about what they did, there wouldn't be a problem. He's doing what's best for him to get that confidence going into..with Wimbledon, the French (Open), the (Masters) 1000s...So what difference does it make what anybody else says? Go do your own thing and be happy and satisfied with that."

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