"Crying every night" - Monfils on Svitolina and the Ukraine War

Unlike his partner Svitolina, Monfils is having a dream start to the 2022 season with strong performances in several events.

Despite the start, Monfils is dealing with something quite personal during all of this time seeing his wife's country being torn apart by another country. Svitolina has been vocal about her struggles and it was on display on the court as well. Speaking about it after defeating Medvedev, Monfils said:

“Yes. It’s not easy to see all my, I don’t know in English, step family. Yeah. I mean, my second family, let’s say, battling. It’s not easy to see my wife a couple weeks ago crying every night. It was tough. You know, it was tough."

He further said:

"Of course, I was, and I’m being there for her every day, for her, for the family. Still quite a lot of family still there. It’s tough to describe because I’m in it. I’m in it. And it’s just kind of crazy, you know, when you think about it.”

He finished off with:

"But we try to manage it the best way that we can. And definitely for myself, you know, I try to be the shoulder, to be everything that she can lean on, and definitely to my second family, you know, I do anything for them to make them happy, safe, and everything that I can do.”

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