De Minaur wins Antalya Open after Bublik retires

Alex De Minaur ended his great week in Antalya by winning the trophy after Bublik retired shortly after match begin.

It was a stunning week for De Minaur in Antalya Open who played some of his best tennis in a long time. He was winning matches with ease and in the final, he was set to face Bublik who also played great tennis all week long. However, the match never properly got started as Bublik retired after only two games. They played only 8 minutes but Bublik could not continue the match so he retired.

With this victory, he became the first ATP champion this year. It's a great thing but it probably didn't go as planned as neither player wants to win a trophy due to retirement. It kind of negates the whole point of competing but nonetheless, Alex De Minaur is your 2021 Antalya Open champion.

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