Djokovic cruises past Varillas at Roland Garros

Sunday, 04 June 2023 at 16:42
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Novak Djokovic benefitted greatly from an easy draw at Roland Garros (French Open) securing a spot in the quarter-finals of the event after a win over Varillas 6-3 6-2 6-2.
The Serbian benefitted greatly from Varilass ousting Hurkacz in the previous round setting up this matchup which he won easily. The matchup on paper always looked bad for Varillas because his style of plays doesn't do that well against Djokovic. At times, Varillas did play well winning a few games ad hitting the ball well but for the most part, the Serbian easily controlled the match.
He was even more aggressive compared to Varillas which was a bit surprising but it was mainly because of the favourable matchup. He knew he was better and he wanted to show it on the court. He probably wanted to make this match as simple as it can possibly be avoiding another 3+ hour match and he did that too.
The first set saw Djokovic serve really well and use his chances clinically to finish it off 6-3. He had 13 winners, five more than Varillas and that was more than enough to get it done. The second set once again saw Djokovic easily dominate on his own serve as he didn't drop a single point after his first serve. He went 14/14 with 10 winners for a 6-2 finish.
Varillas tried to be a bit more aggressive but it didn't really work out in his favour. The final set was very similar in that regard. Djokovic once again dominated behind his first serve while Varillas struggled to keep the ball in play. It was just a difference in level because this is just too high of a level for Varillas. He worked hard and battled as well as he could earning the respect of Djokovic and the crowd but it wasn't enough.

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