Djokovic led PTPA calls Madrid Open Women's Doubles Final fiasco 'inexcusable', says the establishment 'dropped the ball'

Thursday, 11 May 2023 at 11:30
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The Djokovic-led PTPA has come out and condemned the Madrid Open Women's Doubles final incident sooner than the ATP or the WTA did which is problematic.
The incident itself was a very bad look for the event and the Tour as all the finals featured players addressing the crowd except the women's doubles one. There was no shortage of time, nothing was rushed they were simply not given a chance to speak. After it happened Madrid Open quickly shut down ideas of possibly commenting on the situation opting to go the 'no comment' route:
"The tournament will not comment on the matter."
The PTPA came out slamming the whole situation through their Executive director:
"Any interference with this is inexcusable. The entire tennis establishment dropped the ball by not addressing and correcting the inexplicable decision to silence Victoria, Beatriz, Jessica and Coco."
There is yet to be a comment from the WTA or the ATP. Pegula was asked about it in Rome and she said:
“I wish they could have handled it in a more mature, professional way. That's not what happened. These problems cannot happen again and this needs to be changed. We'll definitely have that conversation with them.”

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