Fans slam Nike for Alcaraz 'era' post following Djokovic's US Open victory

Wednesday, 13 September 2023 at 17:04
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Following Novak Djokovic's triumph at the 2023 US Open, tennis fans were quick to call out Nike for the sportswear giant's claim that tennis was entering the 'Carlos Alcaraz era' after the Spaniard defeated Djokovic for the Wimbledon title in July.
Djokovic defeated Daniil Medvedev on Sunday to lift his 24th Grand Slam title, becoming the first man to do so in the Open Era. However, the Serbian had the opportunity to do so earlier this year at Wimbledon, but fell in the final to an unstoppable Alcaraz.

Nike claims Alcaraz era has begun, tennis fans return to mock statement

The Wimbledon title was Alcaraz's second Grand Slam title, and Nike was quick to release a post on Twitter saying "The Alcaraz era is upon us." However, with Djokovic's recent win, fans have returned to the controversial post with many saying Djokovic was still in the conversation.
“Who was it who said we are in Alcaraz era after Wimbledon??? Novak - 4 slam finals . 3 wins. 1 loss. We are in Novak era for past 13 years,” wrote a fan.
“Audacity to call this alcaraz era when djokovic won 3 slams this year,” said another fan.
“Massive respect to Carlos Alcaraz who is a great talent but Novak Djokovic will decide when his era is over,” said a more level-headed fan.
“Hey guys just following up. How is the Alcaraz Era going?” wrote the official Serbian Football account.

The Alcaraz Era is upon us. An age in which age doesn’t matter and impossible shots are served with a smile 😏 Congrats Carlos Alcaraz, youngest world no.1, on major no.2. Your time has only just begun.


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