Federer on perils of practicing with rivals in Djokovic and Nadal: "But that's why I ended up not practicing very much with Novak and Rafa anymore"

Roger Federer stopped praciting with Nadal and Djokovic and he revealed the reason why in an appearance on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

Federer is in the US currently as he was spotted doing several things around New York. He was spotted attending a Brooklyn Nets game first, then he was spotted on a tennis court hitting a day later and now he's visited the Daily Show.

It was in the Daily Show that Federer explained why he stopped practicing with Djokovic and Nadal and it was mostly due to not giving away too much:

"I mean, maybe just a little anecdote, because maybe people don't know, but we share the same locker room, we share the same restaurants. We usually get put in the same hotels. So we see each other all the time. And we even practice together. But that's why I ended up not practicing very much with Novak and Rafa anymore. Not so much with that guys. But yeah, with a lot other guys, Stan Wawrinka, my guy, yeah."

On his retirement, he added:

"I think the end was very emotional. And to be actually on such a great sort of friendship really with the guys at the end of my career, after everything we've gone through. Brutal matches, great wins and tough losses and at the end always having this camaraderie is amazing."

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